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Temac is a decade old company, distinguished for its domain expertise, innovative technology solutions from across the globe and impeccable customer service for Textile Industry. Temac offers a wide range of products and solutions, encompassing marketing, presale consultancy, sales, distribution, after sales service and handling turnkey projects.


Our Principles
Our Principles
Providing Value to Customers
Core Values
The following statement reflect our understanding of what make TEMAC. They explain the beliefs and principles that motivate us and govern how we relate to our principals and customers as a transparent and trustworthy business partner. They define our role in the industry and the wider world, point out in which direction we are heading and show us how we can distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

By actively involving in finding solutions to their problems.

By growing profitably, By steering and controlling our activities with excellence.

By capitalizing on our technical and marketing strength on a sustained basis.

Engagement - through understanding and responding to our customers needs.

Excellence - through expertise, efficiency and sound decision-making in all we do.

Integrity - through uncompromising commitment to transparency and ethical principles.